lose these new york blues

this was my first big project of the year: girls + horses


list 1

1. lazer tag
2. bake cookies
3. flashlight tag
4. go get ice cream
5. witches brew
6. hide n seek in the dark
7. watch movies
8. go to hot skates
9. bowling
10. go to nathans and play in the arcade
11. make smores and build a tent and watch sandlot
12. go to the diner




everybody knows that you can't trust an octopus

"i had writer's block for weeks on end, and he came with bottles of ink in his eight hands."


katie deacon with a shiner

this drawing is in progress, so don't take it too seriously. katie deacon with a shiner is a great subject, unfortunately i got the facial proportions off but i don't plan on fixing them.


minding my bzzzness

for anyone who may not know, that's me in the bee suit and my friend megan. our photo is on the inside back cover of the new (summer 2005) issue of venus zine (www.venuszine.com)


here comes the sun

what i have been up to lately:

1. going to cookouts
2. having deer sightings
3. going to the MoMA
4. hanging out with angel babies at the gender/sexism discussion hosted by us, the long island womyn's collective
5. writing feminist research papers
6. running around in a bumble bee suit
7. working on an animation about a boy in search of communication

Cindy Sherman's film stills



double triple fucking dare ya girlfriend

the long island womyn's collective post a stitch n' bitch/sexual assault speakout


this is a colotype plate that i will be printing today. in real life its about 14"x4". i like how it looks without ink all over it, but maybe the prints will be swell too.