Women Present

A lot of sweet Purchase alumna will be participating in this show. I will be showing some of my video work.

A Feminist Art Show
Shinbone Alley, Presented by the Culture Project
Sept. 21, 6:30 p.m., 45 Bleecker Street, corner of Lafayette Street

"Women Present" is part of the citywide, month-long Impact Festival, and the Culture Project's monthly UnfinishedWorks salon series.

'Women Present' is the second show by the Women's Art Collective, a group of emerging, NewYork-based artists who have come together as a community of feminists and friends to be a source of creative inspiration, to encourage one another's visions and to collectively negate the tendency to silence and second-guess ourselves. Personal and political are intertwined in this artistic event comprised of still image, film, performance and dance.

UnfinishedWorks regularly features the work of emerging artists across disciplines. In September and October, in concert with the IMPACT festival, UnfinishedWorks is curated by Zoeann Murphy of the Bread and Roses Cultural Arm of 1199SEIU, and artist Molly Stinchfield.

Bread & Roses (www.bread-and-roses.com) is the not-for-profit cultural arm of New York's Health and Human Service Union, 1199/SEIU. Bread and Roses was founded in 1979 as a cultural resource for union members and students in New York City who would otherwise have little access to the arts. Special emphasis is given to programs that signify and interpret their history while generating new artistic expression.

IMPACT: Where Culture and Politics Collide brings to New York City national and international works in theater, film, dance, music, visual art, comedy and debates with partners as diverse as The New York Public Library and The Apollo Theater. Scheduled to open on September 12th the festival continues through October 22nd with works
by artists, scholars and children designed to provoke dialogue and action and encourage people to participate in the democratic process. Check out Broadcast Live, Chris Stain, Josh MacPhee and Billy Mode on October 10, 6pm at the Culture Project. www.impactfestival.org


press for "pieces of mind"

Here are links to press/reviews of the Pieces of Mind show at the Fountain Gallery:

1. new york non profit article (pp. 12 - 13)
2. new york daily news article
3. photos from the show, taken by the icarus project

[photo by The Icarus Project]

My aunt and cousin viewing my piece at the show.



(everybody still knows that you can't trust an octopus, right?)



art opening tonight!!

I'm in this group gallery show called Pieces of Mind curated by the Icarus Project tonight in New York City. If you're around, you should come to the opening! If not, the show will be up until August 31st.


DOG DAYS: a dogtown mix

dog days will be a mix tape when it is officially finished. the version i am showing the world via the internet at this very moment is a double-disc limited birthday edition for my dad, Peter Charles, on today, his 52nd birthday! i also made him a delicious vegan chocolate and peanut butter pie.

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track listing:
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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if you want a copy (i don't know how many double-discs i'll be willing to make, from now on they're taking the form of one 120-minute tape) e-mail me or comment here !

note: i am still tweaking the mix. after a few listens, i have decided to replace the social distortion cover of "death or glory" with the clash original.


little dudes

who get me through the day
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this is a few little parts of a xerox of a drawing that eventually became a silkscreen, for the same installation. (it's also a mouthful).

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

both of these pieces are going to be part of a drawing + printmaking installation i'm doing for my "printmaking visiting artist" class. the first one is a silkscreen i did of cynthia, 2-color, before it became patches and the face of her latest demo CD. the second is a pencil drawing of megan.


pink party flyer preview

two words: cat guitar.



feminist cultural analysis of Law & Order: SVU

if you really wanna read this, e-mail me for it! katewadkins@gmail.com


you have to keep recycling yourself

this is a sea monster that i have been drawing. 2005, i am damn glad you bit the dust. go forward! move ahead!