[photo by K. Eldridge]

Jess is doin' dishes & takin' names in a new Cheeky shirt. I drew the design (that's Carl from OVER THE EDGE, not J Sulley... contrary to popular belief) -- Jason Roy, Angie, Brian and I printed 'em on an excursion to SUNY Purchase involving beer, pizza, weird wine, and Black Sabbath. We also have patches and stickers with the teeth design by Mike Hunchback (for more info on all of this: http://myspace.com/cheekyli).

In other Cheeky news, Darren and Charlotte met us at the show in Allentown this weekend. Darren took a bunch of awesome photos and posted them at Just a Visual -- he also posted video of the entire Cheeky set from Rembrandt's on Feb. 16th, so be sure to check that out!

Note: check out Perry's review of the shirt here, at his t-shirt blog. His shirt looks a little shaky - one can only hope we gave it to him for free. (3/18/2010)


  1. weird wine? go on, tell me more...

  2. essentially angie's parents found a bunch of wine in their basement, so she took a bottle to accompany us on this journey. we drank it in the printshop and

    1. it didn't really taste like anything
    2. we drank the entire bottle and didn't even feel a little bit tipsy

    our conclusion is that it was probably turning into vinegar. YUM