I've Got A Proposition, Goes Something Like This: A Brief Herstory of The Big She-Bang

Beth and I have been working on this for weeks now. I think this is the final copy which will be going in the Big She-Bang zine. [Poster by No Guts No Glory]

I've Got a Proposition, Goes Something Like This:
A Brief Herstory of The Big She-Bang

by Beth Puma and Kate Wadkins

In late 2003 there had been many rumblings of the girls and women in the Long Island DIY punk and activist community wanting to organize on their own. Modern Times Collective had been around for years, ideas for Freespace were quickly developing, and the Freewheel Bike Collective had really taken off. A lot of folks were engaged in a variety of projects at this time, ranging from animal rights to various social justice groups. The younger women involved in the community wanted to organize in a more direct way, to deal not only with all of the social justice issues they were fighting for, but for their own space in this creative and active community.

A small group of girls decided that they wanted to focus on self-taught, skill-share workshops as a stepping stone to self-empowerment. They began with a series of skill-shares on knitting/crocheting, playing guitar and bass, silkscreening, and bike maintenance, among others. They met in each other's houses and in Argyle Park, Babylon. As with many other feminist collectives, their shared experience with their immediate community brought about common frustrations. Similar to consciousness-raising groups of the 70's and riot grrrl meetings of the 90's, they started to work from their own experience, and identify the sexism they experienced on an every day level in their surrounding community. These women named their group the Long Island Womyn’s Collective (LIWC).


TOUR PHOTOS: Carolinas back to NY

The final installment is here!
Sullivan Island, outside of Charleston, SC:

Greenville, NC:

Schleyer does stand-up on the sly.

The Screamales from above the Spazzatorium:

Richmond, VA with Adrienne's awesome dog Mable:

And finally, a portrait of Schleyer, post a drive from DC to New Brunswick, post stopping for 3/$1.00 pretzels in Philly, PA. So when do we get to go again?



As per Marissa's request, tour photos, installment 3.


Brian and King Mike air guitar battling.


Okay, I know this picture kind of sucks but it needs some explaining. This is outside of the Black Box Collective in Orlando. There were a bunch of kids spraypainting the buildings in the area, in plain sight during the day. When we arrived here, there was also an accidental? bonfire in the field in the back. The fire department came, and upon seeing the kids doing grafitti didn't stop them, rather, the firefighters went over and hung out with them. They also came into the show and apparently loved Screaming Females.

So basically, the photo is of one of the firefighters getting his uniform jacket spraypainted by one of the kids. And King Mike chatting with them.

My parents have a timeshare in Orlando and they booked us to stay there for one night. We could not deal.




So now it's time for tour installment part II. Starting with Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC.

A secret pool in or near Carrboro. ADULTS SHOULD NOT SWIM ALONE.

We found this amazing lake off of Route 85 on our way from South Carolina to Georgia.

Then we made our way to The Hangar in Athens, GA.

Marissa gave King Mike a stick n' poke of the Screaming Females van.

The king and his castle.



I just came across this footage of the show Carnal Knowledge just played at the Boneyard on 7/1.




I have a whole bunch of photos from tour, and from other fun things this summer. Tour photos will be updated in installments because it just takes too damn long to post 'em. So here goes!


Philly, PA

Ice cream before the show at JR's. La Krista was our roadie, the best roadie.

We got to preview Perry's art show before it actually went up. You may recognize him as the roadie for Screaming Females on our 3-day weekend tour. You can see his art stuff here.

This is my girl Sonrisa. She took us to where the fresh pretzels are, 3/$1.00 at midnight. You should get on that if you're ever in Philly. We went about an hour out of our way and stopped there at 4AM on our way home from DC.

That would be Perry's awesome dog, Benny.