Go! Magazine

Liz Gold wrote about Cheeky and our friends Screaming Females for Go! Magazine's August music feature. Marissa said, "Wait, why are you allowed to be in it?"




I wrote this back in April and submitted it to the I Stopped Talking an Hour Ago zine (which will be availabe at this Saturday's Big She-Bang! - http://myspace.com/thebig_shebang). I re-edited it and have just submitted it to Scene not Heard, which is due out at some point next year.

punk as paradox

To begin with, punk is a paradox. It simultaneously represents the best thing that ever happened to me, and the worst. It gives girls and women like me the chance to reclaim our voices, yet it silences us as much as the white, male, hetero-dominated mainstream culture. This could be because punk does not exist in a bubble, it exists within the patriarchy; therefore, it reproduces the patriarchy.