REVIEW: Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now!

For Fomentation zine.

Susan Corrigan, Julia Downes, Red Chidgey, Cazz Blase
Black Dog Publishing

When I saw Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now! I immediately snatched it up. I opened the cover and scanned the contents. The first essay is titled "Riot Grrrl: The Legacy and Contemporary Landscape of DIY Feminist Cultural Activism." Holy shit. This book has got to be about everything that is exciting and vital to me.

As an outsider to riot grrrl, but participant in DIY feminist cultural activism, I found Riot Grrrl to be a profound historical document. For one, it is not canonical. Riot Grrrl starts with the movement's US roots and quickly brings us overseas to observe, in great depth, the British riot grrrl scene which I actually didn't know much about, aside from the legendary Huggy Bear. The essays range from meticulous accounts of what seems like every single British riot grrrl band and zine, to the cultural significance of grrrl zines, to just how, when, and where riot grrrl began.


Ad rates for a new zine, Fomentation

Fomentation is a new fanzine out of athens, ga. we are focusing on our local scene as well as punk in general. issue 1 will be available at the end of october. the print run will be approximately 200 copies.

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Fomentation is a zine being put out by my friends Clancy and Ken, that I'll be contributing to. For now, I am submitting a review of Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now! and I'll be interviewing Layla Gibbon next week. Pretty stoked about this.