Myself and the other folks who brought you The Big She-Bang have finally settled on a moniker. We are now known as FOR THE BIRDS. We are a feminist collective & distro. We will book your feminist event, art show, punk show, whatever. We will distro wherever. Just get in touch!

Also: I drew the logo above.

::::::::::::::: MISSION STATEMENT :::::::::::::::

FOR THE BIRDS is a New York City-based feminist collective. We are interested in establishing alternative spaces that promote the creative interests of women and women-identified community members. For The Birds is a collaborative group of organizers with backgrounds in feminist social justice work and various artistic pursuits. Through DIY feminist cultural activism, For The Birds aims to empower and support radical women of action.

As a collective, we intend to connect with other groups to create a feminist network through a collaborative blog, shared resources, semi-annual zine, and future events. We aim to foster more of a visible presence of women at community events with a distro featuring feminist voices. We plan to host events like skill-shares, discussions, forums, art and music shows.

We are the collective that brought you The Big She-Bang 3. More information on that can be found at http://myspace.com/thebig_shebang

If you are interested in organizing or collaborating with us, please get in touch!


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