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So The Sketchbook Project Volume 3 finally calls it quits tonight after a semi-national tour. Tonight is the opening party for FROM SCRATCH, which is a show I guess I'm technically in. Funny how that works. Here is the info from Shane and Steven of Art House Co-op:

The Sketchbook Project at Chicago Art Source Gallery Tonight

Friday, May 8th (tonight!)
Chicago Art Source Gallery
1871 N. Clybourn Ave
Chicago, IL 60614

Tonight is the final exhibition for The Sketchbook Project Volume 3. It is hosted at Chicago Art Source Gallery in Chicago, IL. The opening is from 6:00-9:00pm. The exhibition will be on display through June 20th.

As much as I was pretty removed from this project and its 2,784 other artists, I did get to check out the whole thing at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn and it was a pretty great event. If you're in Chicago, you should definitely check it out!

Another note: my dear friend Aimee Lusty - whom I used to live with and majorly helped smooth out my senior thesis ideas (all while laying down some serious Darger knowledge) - has JUST BEGUN blogging for the Marcel Duchamp World Community online. I think it's pretty rad. Congrats Aimee!

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