(clearly a g-chat conversation between Ali & myself)

me: omg, i wish you could have seen screaming females last night it was SO EPIC.

me: like, so, so so epic

Ali: oh yeaaah

me: they play with these tiny amps but because it was in that place it was all mic'd up and they sounded so fucking heavy

me: it was like the perfect sound for them

me: best i've ever heard them

me: and the applause was insane i was like, holy shit, if people didn't like them before...

me: it was straight up insanity

Ali: that is awesome, how was dinosaur jr?

me: they were good, but seriously it was like, such a hard act to follow! they played for an hour and a half which was soooo excessive

Ali: wowww

me: and they didnt play "in a jar" which was a total bummer

me: you know, it was total dino jr though, they were tight, super shreddy

me: just... its hard seeing bands like that when what theyre doing is "old" - screaming females are just so relevant, it was hard to juxtapose the two and see dino jr and not just think what theyre doing is kinda self-congratulatory

Ali: interestinggg

Ali: yeah that makes sense though it's often weird seeing older bands alone let alone with a super strong opening act

me: yeah, absolutely especially when theyre playing like that, for so long - and how SO many bands from that era are doing this now

me: these reunions and new albums and tours

Ali: totally like sonic youth too they have a new album and touring


Ali: it's good but like i dunno i feel like i need a break from them or something

Ali: i saw them last summer at mccarren and in LA when they did daydream nation

Ali: i just dont need any new music from them

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  1. Anonymous3:05 AM

    This has been referenced and reposted a bunch of places on thee ol' internet already. It's funny how someone's IM conversation can be reposted on a blog which is then reposted on other people's blogs and twitters. Anyway, you go KW. Making waves with your IMs.