I wrote this Friday but never posted it. Here goes, since my dad still needs yr good vibes.

Maybe y'all have realized, but I have been trying to get back into the personal with this blog a little, of late. I realize the blog has strayed far from merely showcasing my doodles and punk flyers and the like. These days I do a lot of tracking on the girl-punx revival in Brooklyn/on the East Coast as it is near and dear to my heart. Often I write about For the Birds, and maybe that seems self-serving, but as our website has been down I've felt the need to document all the new things that we continue to make happen / that continue to happen to us. Point being, I haven't been getting too personal. I guess now I find it necessary.

My news for the week is as follows: my father has been seriously injured and is stuck in the hospital. The dude does not get a break, and I am in awe of my family's ability to constantly live, survive, get up, brush their shoulders off and move on. Pops can't really get that far yet, we are still in the tough part of the journey, but as always, I have faith in him. It's the little victories.

I leave in about 15 minutes to venture to Westchester Medical Center again. All I ask is if you are down with sending some good folks your good vibes when they need it, my dad-ums is one, and it would be cool if you did so.



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