Thanks so much for the shout outs (or holla backs?) from STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, ROCK & THE SINGLE GIRL, KING KOG, and TOM TOM MAGAZINE re: Girl Germs: A Brooklyn Scene Report.

One thing I wanted to touch on was the criticism I got for missing out on certain bands in the Scene Report. Jamie, blogger at Rock & The Single Girl, touched on this a little bit by mentioning "there isn't enough documentation of some of the amazing girl and punk bands I've been following." This is my sentiment exactly, there's never enough documentation of what the women are doing. In most instances, it's taken considerably more effort for girls to begin playing music and start their own scenes. Since we're usually the documentarians, it gets even harder to work double duty and be sure we get it all on paper.

Please keep in mind that Maximum Rocknroll is a democratic publication. If you want to see more girl bands in it, PLEASE, write a follow up to the Scene Report, write your own article, send them your demos for review! Heck, review demos for them! I got involved because I like the mag and because I wanted to see more girl involvement. Luckily, I can say an old bandmate of mine (hey Diane!) is currently the Distro Coordinator there, and I sweat so many of the women writing for them currently - Layla Gibbon, Osa of New Bloods and Shotgun Seamstress... anyway, what I'm saying is, please get involved in the documentation process of girl bands, girl scenes and queer or feminist projects! My article was not meant to be the end-all be-all of what's happening with women in the New York punk scene, I just want to make us more visible. Also, MRR is looking for a content coordinator, so you should apply!


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