[photo of Krista by me, you can tell by the thumb]

As you may know, I am all about women & girls playing music. That's why I've written about Tom Tom Magazine: A Magazine for Female Drummers, and that's why I've written about lots of my girl friends who play music. So, combine the two and you get my dream article.

Debuted this evening in Tom Tom: Angie, my current bandmate (in an of yet unnamed project, and also, Cheeky), interviews Krista, my past bandmate (in Carnal Knowledge)! And Maggie, current drummer of Scantron [who I just saw the other day for the first time and damn! Girl can play the dance beats!] took photos of the whole thing. Angie asks a lot of great questions, and Krista covered so much about the feminist music scene in New York, while also detailing experiences of sexism. It really gives a full picture of what it's like to be a woman playing music and all the things, especially the challenges, that come along with that.

It's a good day for women drummers, and especially, yours truly (not a drummer -- yet).