July issue of RE/VISIONIST launched and we're all really proud of it, super strong pieces. It might be my favorite issue yet! We were linked by Racialicious (a favorite blog of ours) in April which I didn't pick up on until last month. As always, remember that we are looking for fresh new writing from feminist (with a lowercase "f") perspectives, and we'd love to hear from you.

For the Birds also announced our 5th Annual Big She-Bang celebration coming up quickly this August. We too are looking for submissions, and fast! So please get in touch. This year's theme is feminist communication.

In terms of other eggs that have hatched: I am the new Gallery Manager at Storefront and an intern for Le Tigre on their new film, Le Tigre: On Tour.

Friend Orlando Perez has provided the goods as usual, so here are some more photos of my work at the Pen15 show:



I don't have detail shots of my book yet, but will work on it. I might even have some exciting news, like another group show coming up this summer! We'll see. Hope you are all not sweltering in the NYC heat, and have roomies like mine that are stoked on pumping some AC.

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