Unsurprising, but it turned fall just about over night. I think it was over 80 degrees on the fall solstice, but October has been totally 60 degrees, grey and rainy style.

I recently made inserts for both Cheeky and Aye Nako as part of the 11"x11" full color (!!!) booklet to be included in Are you with the band?, a women-fronted pop-punk compilation by my cohort and friend, Lauren Measure. Yep, that means there will be a Cheeky track on there too.

On deck, I just submitted a review of the Critical Intersections: Reproductive and Economic Justice conference at Barnard to be published at Elevate Difference. Also, ED recently republished my Marnie Stern review (as they switched identities from Feminist Review). Check that out here.

Racialicious linked to RE/VISIONIST again, so we are excited about that.

Hopefully my next fall update will have something to do with apple/pumpkin picking, hanging out in the woods, and making pie and cider.

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