Queering Categories, Bringing Wreck

My review of (personal fave) Mimi Nguyen's panel, "Aesthetics, Access, Intimacy" or "Race, Riot Grrrl, Bad Feelings" at the Sarah Lawrence 12th Annual Women's History Conference is up at the Sarah Lawrence website now, included in our annual WH newsletter!

Nguyen’s comment about “quitting punk” illustrated the way many marginalized people feel within white dominated movements. Women, people of color, and queer folks alike have written extensively about how punk rock can be completely isolating to them. On the other hand, with its do-it-yourself ethos, punk rock offers the tools for positive things like grassroots organizing and creative self-expression. The potential for social change within punk and riot grrrl creates a tension: the simultaneous acceptance of marginalized folks within the subculture versus its constant re-creation of social hierarchies.

Read the full review here.

For more on how much I loved Mimi's panel, click here.

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