photo courtesy of Dragana Drobnjak

A few Fridays ago my friend Rachel and I indulged in lots of art activities, walking from PS1 for Printed Matter's Art Book Fair, to Prints Gone Wild in Williamsburg, and back. Saturday, we walked to Long Island City for more. I quickly bought a ticket and ran to the "Riot Grrrl: Traces of a Movement" conference session while my pals continued to check out the tables at the Book Fair.


I sat down and a good friend of mine, Dragana, happened to be sitting right next to me, camera in hand. Dragana took photos of the entire slide presentation, and when we got near the end, I gasped in surprise (seriously).

Jenna Freedman, founder of Barnard Library's zine collection, featured selected images of the collection, tracing the history of twenty years of zines from the original riot grrrls through today. In one of her last images, she projected the caption "EveryGrrrl plans a feminist conference," with a scan of our [For the Birds'] She-Bang pamphlet from this year. I think of DIY feminist cultural production in a continuum, something that is always in conversation with its history, present, and future. This one moment really solidified that feeling. My review of the conference might explain what I am getting at a little more.


You can read my review of the conference now at Elevate Difference, featuring another photo by the lovely Dragana.

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