Check out a new website, Refiltered, by our friend Dave Garwacke of If You Make It fame.

After years of updating If You Make It, I’ve come to realize how hard it is to promote digital releases. They are so easy to get up and distribute, but after that you need to hop on message boards, submit news and post on dozens of social media sites. You are constantly behind the ball, and posting about releases after they are already available.

Over the last couple of years a couple of awesome donation-based digital record labels have popped up, especially in the area of punk. I wanted to band these labels together somehow, and make it easier for people to keep track of our upcoming and past releases. With the advent of Bandcamp, online labels have become more akin to music curators ( I hate that word ). We distribute the music we love and Refiltered is meant to foster that.

Very Okay's "Small Loud" is featured as a Recent Album on Refiltered, where you can stream the EP on the Refiltered player (the only place where the record is streaming)! Check it out here.

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