photo by You Don't Dream

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Kathleen Hanna recently did a presentation called Herstory Repeats at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.  She used the term "feminist continuum" to discuss where she sees herself in feminist history, which is obviously exciting to me; but perhaps even more exciting, is that she mentioned the International Girl Gang Underground zine.

Thankfully, someone who was at the presentation grabbed a snapshot of Ms. Hanna and some audio of the lecture and their great Q&A section.

…They started this thing called the International Girl Gang Underground. They just put out this fanzine, I just got it last week, and it has sections like 'histories and critiques.' But what they're doing is they're looking through the stuff that we did and they're analyzing it. They're saying what they think sucks about it and what they think is cool. They're trying to take over what we did and make it make sense to them, and that just makes me feel, even when they say I'm a jerk, it makes me feel totally loved and respected to not just have people collect the CDs or stickers or something like that, but to actually participate in the work, and take it into the future and make it into something much better than it was.

I am endlessly grateful.

>> photo and audio from You Don't Dream on tumblr <<

4/5/2011: A video of the talk has surfaced, courtesy of TheLOUniverse on YouTube.


  1. Katie, Is there a video recording of this presentation as well? It would be cool to see the visuals as she discusses them. Really glad you posted this. xo.

  2. Hey! I know, as I was listening I really wanted the visuals too. Unfortunately, I haven't found a video, but if I do I'll be sure to update the post! And who are you, rustycowgirl?

  3. After I realized that icon was that pony-pic, I thought it was you, T. Bry! Heeeey girl.