Today P.S. Eliot's sophomore LP, Sadie, will be released!  It's a great record, and I graciously accepted the task of creating the artwork for this one.  This is only the second LP I've designed (besides my old band Cheeky's What the Heck).  It was A LOT of work, but I feel like my design skills graduated through working on Sadie. After listening to the album and gathering some vibes about rust and bittersweetness from the Crutchfield sisters, I had an idea about what this thing should look like.  During a week-long trip to Athens, GA to celebrate the New Year, I snapped a bunch of photos and started working the concept out after that. All of the text is hand-written. Enjoy!


PSESadie_BackCover PSESadieInsert72dpi

PSEInsert1_72dpi PSEInsert2_72dpi

Sadie is available from Salinas Records on vinyl and from If You Make It as a digital download. Jason Roy and I also collaborated on a poster that will be available at tonight's LP release show!

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