2011 has been a whirlwind thus far. I want to update you on some cool things that happened which I didn't have time to post about.

Carla Duarte of cabeça tédio interviewed me about IGGU zine and translated it into Portuguese. Again. I am so excited to have an official Brazilian correspondent. IGGU zine is thriving. It is available online through our site, at Fight Boredom distro, in person at Brain Waves and Book Thug Nation in New York, and Amigos Publishing & Shop in Providence. If you'd like to distro IGGU, get in touch with us! IGGU has been getting some really cool press, too. 90s Woman and AltDaily both mentioned the zine after Kathleen Hanna's verbal product placement (at Old Dominion University and MoMA!!). That support has meant the world to me personally.


Her Girl Friday's first event was pretty amazing; you can catch some photos of it on our website by the fabulous Rayna Savrosa. Femmedia wrote a post about HGF mentioning yrs truly and my many endeavors. Thanks Femmedia!

One of my drawings is featured in the program zine for Jason Andrew and Julia Gleich's ballet, In the Use of Others for Change, closing tonight at CPR.


Very Okay released a tape with Not Tapes Not Bombs Tapes with really rad artwork by girlwonder Marissa Paternoster.

I recently contributed my article "This is a Thank You Song: Reflections on the IGGU Zine Release Party" to be included in Hoax zine #5: Feminist Community.

What's next? Um, well, I've been writing this thing, you could call it my Master's thesis, for over a year now. There's a reading that will be free and open to the public at Sarah Lawrence College on May 12th. See you there?

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