LAST NIGHT I presented my thesis with my cohorts and was super proud to do so.

5:30pm @ Slonim Living Room
Sarah Lawrence College
Free & Open to the Public

The Women's History Graduate Program Presents:
Class of 2011
Thesis Presentations

Rosamund Hunter: The Source of Hip: Race, Politics and Masculinity in Cold War America
Hana Kabashi: Women's Work: Experience, Progress and Change in Kosovo, 1989-2001
Alexandria Linn: "Do You Want A Man Or Not?": Sexuality, Deviance and Proper Womanhood in Relationship Self-Help Books from 1980-2010
Alexandria Lust: TLC: the Political, Musical, and Artistic Complexities of Hip Hop Feminist Thought, 1991-2002
Sheelagh Lynch: Easter Lillies: Hidden Heroes of the Irish Revolution
Lisa Merolle: "...And Do Righteous Deeds": Women, Islam, and Grassroots Organizing in the United States
Thea Michailides: Performing Panethnic Identities: South Asian Women Leaders, Coalitions and the Re-Conceptualization of Citizenship
Chandeen Santos: Rebels in Paradise: an Oral History of the Goa Expatriates
Steven Sharper: Radical Perspectives on Sex, Rape, and Race
Elsa Sjunneson-Norman: Legal Morality, Stripped Down: Obscenity Law, Gender Discourse and Burlesque in America
Monica Stancu: Discovering the Voices of Roma Women: Roma Women's Activist Movement in Post-Communist Romania
Nydia Swaby: "Woman Radical, Woman Intellectual, Woman Activist": The Political Life of Pan-African Feminist Amy Ashwood Garvey
Katherine Wadkins: "Freakin' Out": Remaking Masculinity through Punk Rock in the 1970s

After the jump, check out some videos I took of Roz Hunter's and Nydia Swaby's presentations. Two of my truest collaborators and friends, they did a really excellent job.