I feel like I've been thrown in to summer with no warning.


Ta-da! All of a sudden I'm a Master. How did that happen?

Anyway, I started interning at Hyperallergic last Friday and the first day was great. I started an inventory of all of the mail art we've received and wrote an article about the history of mail art & Ray Johnson for the site, based on three of the letters sent to HQ. A perfect project for a recently graduated historian.


Those are the things that Arianna Huffington told myself and my graduating class to be sure to use more of in our future ventures, and I concur with her. The idea of living and producing with more JOY is not something I had thought much of until I saw Karen Finley perform at Barnes & Noble last month. Joy is a central part of her artistic practice, which she emphasized to the audience. She even signed my book, "With Joy, Karen Finley." The idea doesn't really come naturally to me, so I will keep it in mind.

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