You know what's super exciting to me? That I get to write about my guitar-hero of a friend, Marissa Paternoster, in a way that highlights one of her other major talents. She's a rad artist, in case you've been under a rock for the past two years. Her work with Doodle Drag and otherwise has been popping up in my posts at Hyperallergic of late.

It’s been nearly a month since we dismantled our mail art show, Presents: Three Months of Mail Art for Hyperallergic HQ, here at Hyperallergic. The show was a first in a lot of ways: me and Hrag’s first collaboration, Hrag’s first zine-making experience and my first time curating a show outside of my own initiatives.

Hrag and I responded to the temporality of mail art by placing a rule on our exhibition catalogue/zine: patrons were not able to receive the zine in person, they had to get it through the post. We sent out our entire first edition within a week of the show opening, which sold-out quite fast. We even sent our copies of the zines to each other.

Read the full story here.

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