Remember when I promised a "teenage summer" mix last year? In June of this summer Jason Roy and I accidentally created a new teen mix. This is the first mix collaboration I've done and it is absolutely the sound of teen summers past. It won't be fall for about two more weeks, so soak it up if that's yr thing (hint: it's not mine, I'm just about ready for apple picking and pumpkin carving).

I think the Goldfinger to Suicide Machines transition is my favorite.

* I know I usually use 8tracks but this was too convenient.

The Chinkees - Big World
MU330 - Tune Me Out
Link 80 - Verbal Kint
Operation Ivy - Freeze Up
Goldfinger - Mabel
Suicide Machines - I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Impossibles - Back for Attack
Rancid - Sidekick
Millencolin - Bullion
Blink-182 - Dumpweed
MU330 - Stagnant Water
Dance Hall Crashers - Shelley
The Broadways - 15 Minutes
Rancid - The Brothels
NOFX - We Threw Gasoline on the Fire and Now We Have Stumps for Arms and No Eyebrows
Less Than Jake - Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
The Silencers - Policeman
Hepcat - I Can't Wait
The Slackers - Have the Time
Misfits - Hybrid Moments

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