It's been awhile since I've crafted at all. This past year, recession-style, I made my own Christmas cards, nametags, and even this fancy bag for my fabulous Aunt Denyse, whose tagline is "Shop 'til you drop!"  (pictured here in her natural habitat, Macy's). That cute little kitty has affectionately been renamed Christmas Puddin', and as per usual, my fine friends represented at Christmas dessert.



"Death's Door" by Nina Hartmann, photo by the author

As we nudge up on the end of January, I've promised myself to celebrate the new year February 1st. I mean, I went to a killer party on the Real New Year's Eve, but January buzzed by as I hustled through my work day and home to writing and design gigs. Things have been hectic. So during the next week I'll be recapping 2011 and telling you about what's new in 2012 at Wisdom Tooth HQ.

To kick things off, here's a TOP 5 IN ART list:

Best Dan-Flavin-inspired boner
Jelsen Jargon, "Maman Said"
Repetition Repetition Repetition @ 17 Frost
(photos here)

Multimedia designer extraordinaire Jelsen Jargon hasn't shown in a gallery setting in years. He burst back onto the scene with clever and beautiful work at Repetition Repetition Repetition, which runs through January 2012.

Best monthly series
Dirty Looks curated by Bradford Nordeen

Curator Bradford Nordeen's roaming queer film night, Dirty Looks, combines contemporary and historical queer filmmakers as well as various other art-makers. Last year's program was hilarious, clever, tight, and never dull.

Best zine programming
Aimee Lusty's curated shows at Booklyn Artists Alliance
booklyn.org | aimeelusty.com

Booklyn has been taken over by young artist and zine-maker Aimee Lusty. Named gallery director in 2011, Lusty brought zine work to the gallery walls and re-examined how we use print in our artistic practice.

Best use of print media
OCCUPIED Wall Street Journal

In its most recent issue, the print companion to the Occupy movement doubled as a poster to be pasted around the city. With good design and a practical purpose, OWSJ has reinvigorated the purpose of print media in political movements.

Best one-night show
Summer of Hate (Nina Hartmann & Vinnie Smith) @ Youth Group Gallery
ninahartmann.com | collecteddust.blogspot.com

Hartmann and Smith's creepy-cool imagery was completely appropriate for a one-night-in-late-summer-show. Their prints brought to the surface all the terrible feelings that seep from our pores and our brains in the dogged heat.



Since we have surpassed the end it just feels right to tell you that 2011 was a year of being totally on my hustle all the time. I'll post something about my year's highlights as well as favorite music and art picks soon, but for now here's a recap of some zine news from most recent to least.

I will be tabling at the first-ever NYC Feminist Zinefest (co-organized by Kate Angell and Elvis Bakaitis) on Saturday, February 25th, 2012 with International Girl Gang Underground and with For the Birds. The 'fest will be held at the Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Avenue (between Hoyt St. and Bond St. in Brooklyn).

The lovely and inspiring Tommy Pico interviewed me for a birdsong "Five on It" along with some super fab people, including my dear friend and collaborator Kathleen McIntyre. The interviews are printed in birdsong 16.

I also contributed to Hoax issue 5, "Feminisms and Community" about my experience organizing the IGGU zine release party in March, about community and utilizing a safer space policy.

Stay tuned for more ZINE NEWS as we plan the future of BRAIN WAVES in 2012!