I am leaving momentarily to table with For the Birds Collective at the Brooklyn Zine Fest. International Girl Gang Underground is in tow!

The zine is also on display at the Essential Hues Zine Library. Essential Hues, a group show organized by Caroline Paquita at Brooklyn Wayfarers, opened Friday night. The show features work by Adee Roberson, Anna Luisa, Caitlin Sweet, Sam Lopes and the brilliant Caroline herself. It is one of my favorite things I've seen all year so I highly recommend it. Head on over, see some art and leaf through some zines. Keep your ears out for a possible reading event in conjunction with the show, which closes May 13.



Marshall, Jayme, and Aimee working on collaborative drawings

ON VIEW FROM APRIL 9 - 29, 2012

For the most recent show at Booklyn Artists Alliance, Stones in Your Pocket, UK collaborative printmaking group the Cardiff Sessions presented recent lithography work. While the show was only up for three days, the Cardiff Sessions also held a collaborative printmaking and drawing workshop on April 7, with New York artists handpicked by Booklyn's Gallery Director, Aimee Lusty. I was super excited to be one of the artists invited to participate, along with Aimee herself and a few other Brooklyn artists and friends I admire.

Wall of collaborative drawings, chairs of peoples' jackets

More about the Cardiff Sessions and the workshop:
Founded in 2009 the Cardiff Sessions is an artist collective dedicated to producing collaborative work through experimental drawing and stone lithography. The collective's aim is to develop relationships with international artists and explore the visual language of printmaking through collaboration while advancing experimentation in contemporary printmaking within Wales...

Coinciding with this exhibition Booklyn Artists Alliance and the Cardiff Sessions will produce a new series of collaborative linocut prints. These collaborations will be on view from April 9 - 29.
We started the day off making drawings that were passed around to at least 4 artists apiece. Afterwards, we each made linocuts and collaborated on the printing process, in effect making one-of-a-kind monoprints. For the last leg, we placed all of the linocuts together and made unique markings before printing, resulting in 4 large prints. The collaborations made in the Cardiff Sessions workshop will be on view at Booklyn Artists Alliance, 37 Greenpoint Avenue Floor 4, Brooklyn, NY, through April 29.

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Buy Local wall text, all images courtesy of the author
I originally wrote this piece for Hyperallergic but it didn't work out time-wise. I loved this show so much I wanted to share it.

While the vast majority of the New York art world gathered for Armory Arts Week, I decided to do something quite the opposite: explore the art world in my own backyard. North Brooklyn had a formidable showing during Armory week, as Williamsburg hosted “Brooklyn Night” (affiliated with the Armory events), Bushwick hosted its renowned “Beat Nite” and Greenpoint bloggers The Greenpointers held a Greenpoint gallery tour.

Detail of a Susan Fang piece

Well-aware that my very own Greenpoint neighborhood is home to tons of artists’ studios and notable galleries, I was curious to see who would appear on the tour. As I began following the map, I realized about half of the locations were bars and cafes, making it kind of difficult to see a lot of the work (dim lighting and all). Deciding to power through, I ended up at the Franklin Street home of the Fowler Arts Collective.



In tandem with Little Lungs' reunion shows this weekend, If You Make It did a digital re-release of their first EP, Hoist Me Up. I wrote a "liner note" to introduce it.

In 2007, I was in a band called Cheeky with 3 friends. Angela Boylan was our drummer. She was (and is) my favorite drummer to play with, but Angie had sort of secretly been writing songs on guitar on her own for years. She had a stockpile of songs she was waiting to play with a band.
Not long after I learned of Angie's secret songs, Little Lungs started practicing. Aside from being our sister/brother band, Little Lungs were some of my closest friends. So I was really excited for it.
Read the full piece and download the album (if you haven't yet) at If You Make It.