Because You Can’t, You Won’t, And You Don’t Stop

Because You Can’t, You Won’t, And You Don’t Stop
Remembering Adam Yauch, by Roz Hunter & Kate Wadkins of For the Birds
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on the tough guy style I’m not too keen
to try to change the world I will plot and scheme 
We at For the Birds were devastated to hear about the loss of Adam Yauch this week after a several year battle with cancer. MCA was a cultural and political force– he was not only a brilliant artist, but was inspirational to many of us during our formative years as budding activists. His commitment to social justice was unwavering. MCA was an anti-racist, a pacifist, a feminist and didn’t shy away from critiquing and subverting power, whether it be Islamaphobia and United States foreign policy or raising awareness and money for Tibetan independence.
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