The BRAIN WAVES exhibition at RAC (Recession Art Culturefix) will be closing today, Sunday, July 1. Gallery hours are from 2pm-8pm.

We had a great opening on June 8. RAC was filled up with BRAIN WAVES artists, supporters, and tons of my favorite artists + zinesters from around New York.

First visitor of the night was the tireless Mr. Jason Andrew.

Madeleine Dahl is one of the 3 great RAC interns I've met during the span of the show.

Madeleine interviewed me in one of the most on-point and fun-to-answer interviews I've been asked to do.

You can find that on the RAC website,
along with an article of Madeleine's highlights from the show,
and a sweet hat-tip from RAC intern Erin Keane about ways to hang 3-dimensional art.

Jason Roy's print edition, April 15th-21st, Athens, Georgia.

Me & Melanie Kress, Curator of RAC and tons of other great projects (like Concrete Utopia and i am not a good enough feminist) celebrate after a successful opening.

Come visit us for our last day today, from 2pm-8pm.
9 Clinton Street
New York, NY

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