Hello! If you've arrived here from Kathleen Hanna + Sini Anderson's killer interview with Badass Digest, thanks for visiting!

Discussing IGGU at a recent presentation in Sheffield, UK

The zine that Ms. Hanna mentioned is International Girl Gang Underground, a collection of stories, artwork, and critical work about DIY feminist cultural production and punk rock today, twenty years after the riot grrrl movement, and in the wake of its legacy. "Today" meaning 2011, when the zine was published.

International Girl Gang Underground (or IGGU) can be found and purchased here:
USA, via Stranger Danger Distro
UK, via Vampire Sushi Distro (not on website but available soon!)
Japan, via Lilmag

Or, you can get it from me in person from me, while meeting up for coffee/delicious treats, or tabling with feminist collective and distro, For the Birds! We're currently in the process of renewing our domain, girlgangunderground.org, but for now you can find us on Tumblr at girlgangunderground.tumblr.com + girlganggigvolume.tumblr.com. We post on Facebook most frequently, and we're on Twitter too.

I've worked with Hanna since 2010 in various capacities, mostly on the Le Tigre tour documentary film, and with Sini Anderson, too, on The Punk Singer.* So humbled to be mentioned by these fantastic feminist artists, and so thrilled with their work on this new film, which just debuted at SXSW.

Feel free to contact me with any questions! I've been doing some talks on zines lately, like the one pictured above at Showroom Cinema in Sheffield--so I'm always seeking collaborators and like-minded peeps in other places.

*(Hanna also exhibited in BIG MOUTH: contemporary feminist voices in art + illustration, a show I co-curated with Lauren Denitzio, in 2011).

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